SK. RammohanSkr 9 house of qlty precious gem stones.

A soft spoken, good friend & gentlemen. Mr Balaji garu is wonderful astrologer, guides accurately basing on charts & gives easy practical remedial suggestions.

Wishing him great success in all his endeavors.

A.A SukumarScientific Officer, BARC

My Experience with Dr. Ramanathan Balaji as an Astrologer has been great, I have been seeking astrological support from him for more than a decade. His predictions till date have been very precise and accurate. He has through understanding of the my chart, Where he shares detailed information about all aspects of my life. Unlike other people he doesn't rush to finish session but he discusses the problems related to the query, analysis different aspects of the planetary positions and tries to arrive a logical conclusion.His analytical capability of the chart and predictions are very true and near to actual happenings. I take his support and advise on any major decision for its successful completion. Feel very blessed to be knowing such a humble and loving person apart from his astrological guidence.

S. RaguramanFinance and tax Professional

I am Raguraman.S, Finance and tax professional knowing him for the past several years.

Dr.Balaji Josiyar is an astute astrologer and very good at giving indications on both short term and long term. He is very practical also.

T. PundarikakshuduOfficer in Central Government , Department of Atomic Energy, Talcher, Orissa

I consulted Shri Balaji regarding my promotion in job. When I consulted in 2009, he predicted that I will get the promotion by end of 2009 and I assumed the charge on 31.12.2009. Again I consulted him for further promotion and he predicted that I will get by July, 2017 and this time also I assumed charge on 27.6.2017. Again regarding purchase ofmy house, , Shri Balaji predicated that I will purchase a flat by August, 2005, as he said I performed my house warming function on 23.6.2005 and immediately shifted to that flat.

A.R. Ranjit & Family, Bangalore

I always consult Balaji for astrology and vastu advise. Before buying any properties I check with him for vastu compliance. Present residence too he has personally seen the house for vastu compliance before occupation. We always benefitted by his guidance.

Pradheep Kumar NamaDirector - BD & Finance, SynchroServe Global Solutions Pvt Ltd.,

Dr. Balaji Phd, Practicing Astrologer has been of huge help in terms understanding right time for commencing the high impact events like Looking for BRIDEGROOM for my son., also many proposals of Horoscopes need scrutiny and advice, Balaji has been very helpful with his Expert Advice after making Holistic Matching beyond just STAR, GOTHRAM, RASI, NAVAMSAM etc., We trust his expertise and advice. Thanking him for his yeoman service with passion and commitment, dedication. Wishing him most and more… of all success that he deserves.

Bharathi and VenkatPhillipines.,

I have been seeking astrological assistance from Balaji Ramanathan for all major decisions taken in my life. Precisely the health issues I had ND remedies suggested by him worked very well . I could see lots of improvement.

J.Arunachalam Ph.D.Jyotishya Visarasa (K.P).,

Dr.Balaji, (Ph.D.Astrology), provides an insightful analysis of the horoscopes based on his deep understanding in Vedic, KP and Nadi astrology systems. He is an expert in remedial astrology and I have personal knowledge that his suggested remedies having benefited many a colleagues of mine, including issues related to progeny. I consult him for advice related to matrimony and to exchange notes. I wish him all success in his new endeavor.